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A model home is supposed to make potential homebuyers feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door. That is the power of superior model home interior design. At Design Tec Inc., one of the leading model home design firms, we specialize in developing captivating model homes that appeal to a wide range of tastes while optimizing space for maximum appeal. Our model home designers provide the design skills that customers want for their future houses, since well-designed homes sell faster. Our vast experience in design allows us to offer high-quality merchandising that boosts sales. We understand the unique challenges you face – making a strong first impression, appealing to diverse preferences, and maximizing the model’s selling potential. Our experienced model home designers in Orange County use their creativity to achieve just that.

Model Home Designers Orange County

Our collaboration strategy begins with an understanding of your target demographic. We identify people you want to attract by communicating openly with your development and sales teams. This provides the framework for creating a model home that appeals to your prospective buyer.

We next turn the information into a real strategy, offering furniture and fabric options along with design boards for your approval. Once the vision is established, we handle everything, from interior finishes to furniture acquisition. Our thorough approach assures a smooth move-in and an easy transition to displaying the model home.

Our staff thoroughly merchandises the room, arranging furniture, artwork, and blinds for the windows. We are proud to provide a complete sales solution that is ready to assist you in converting the interest of potential buyers into sales. When you collaborate with Design Tec Inc., one of the leading model houses and merchandising firms, your model home will become a potent sales piece, instead of just a showcase.

What do our model home interior designers serve?

Together, you and our award-winning model home interior designers will produce a model home that is both aesthetically pleasing and up to date with modern design. Our expertise will help us build a design that is in line with market trends and buyer preferences. We have worked with several local builders and developers, so they bring an extensive amount of knowledge to the table. Interior design for model homes is a calculated investment that goes beyond appearances. A well-thought-out model home could be:


We will create a model home that matches your target audience’s lifestyle while still being comfortable and useful.

Carefully staged

We will highlight the space’s prospects while motivating purchasers to see themselves living there with the help of furniture, décor, and artwork.

Increasing foot traffic

Potential customers are drawn to and allowed to explore the area.

Building social ties

Creating a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere helps purchasers envision themselves living there, which strengthens the relationship.

Highlighting key details

Our design firms strategically draw attention to the home’s most appealing qualities, from architectural details to functional layouts.

Maximizing sales

In the end, a well-designed model home has the potential to generate better selling prices and quicker sales.

What Do We Offer?

Interior designers of model homes adopt a collaborative approach to each project, starting with understanding your target audience, brand identity, and property’s unique selling points. We then collaborate with you to craft a design plan that mirrors your vision while staying within budget and project timelines. Our model home interior design process includes:

Project Management: We take care of all aspects of the design process, from sourcing materials and managing vendors to efficiently utilizing floor plans to produce bright, airy layouts that increase functionality and deliver an optimal user experience. We work closely with you to understand your target market, budget, and brand identity. Our goal is to produce a final product that complements your vision and brand.

Make a statement: Stand Out from the Competition: We make sure your model houses are trendy and sustainable by keeping up with the most recent developments in interior design and consumer preferences. We innovate to bring your design concept to life within your budget, and we create designs that provide a good return on investment. Our designs will set your model homes apart from the competition.

Furniture, artwork, and accessories: We carefully select and arrange fine furnishings to create an organized and inviting space. We complete the look with carefully chosen accessories and artwork that accentuate the overall design aesthetic.

Make Your Model Home Stand Out with Us

Are you ready to discuss how your model home is designed? Our design services may help you achieve the goals you have. You can reach us by phone at (949) 221-4300 or by email at to schedule a free consultation and learn how our model home designers can transform your model home into a space that appeals to your target audience and drives sales success.